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Steel Building Packages

Stoll Steel has the finest pre-designed steel buildings you can find. They’re built of heavy-duty structural steel, and they set the standard for ease of assembly and flexibility. Whether you need a workshop, garage, barn or large storage space, you simply can’t go wrong with these pre-engineered steel building kits. 


Complete Turnkey Solutions

Utilizing our turnkey solutions can remove your risk of personal injury or liability for mistakes in the construction process. It also eliminates the need to correct mistakes and the cost associated with it. Talk to us about any assistance you will need and let us guide you through the process so the burden is off of you and we can make sure the entire process is performed correctly and you have the security in knowing your steel building was constructed properly.


Stoll Steel works with you to design a steel building that is economical, energy conscious, and structurally sound for you now and in the future.


After it's designed, we will engineer the project for its specific requirements. Our team has a stringent process to ensure that all local codes are adhered to each and every time.

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Stoll Steel Buildings can confidently meet your every expectation for the design, manufacture, delivery and erection of your steel building.

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Build Steel, Build Strong.

About Us At Stoll Steel

The goal at Stoll Steel is to not only offer a steel building package, but also to see you through the entire process. We develop plans that meet your requirements and employ techniques that utilize immediate and long term benefits.